CityAir is a service that helps you learn

everything you need to know about the air quality at any chosen location in the past, present and near future

We have launched the CityAir service in Russia – in Moscow and Novosibirsk Academgorodok, but this is just for starters

Our goal is to digitize the air quality problem planet-wide and to find ways to harness this data for a better environment and to improve people’s health



With CityAir, even now we can monitor the fine dust content of the air

[PM2.5, PM10]



Our next step will be to measure the content of harmful gases in the air

[СO, O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, NH3, СO2]


in 10 years

And in the long view, we will be able to determine all key parameters of the environment anywhere on the planet

What CityAir is and how it works?

CityAir is a system of convenient tools for air quality data analysis and visualization, for a wide variety of users

All CityAir users have access to an air quality map. Owners of separate CityAir-based monitoring stations and systems may also gain access to personal accounts or individual webpages

CityAir is also a set of useful data analysis and visualization tools for citizens and corporations


CityAir for researchers

CityAir provides a previously inaccessible data set for use in research and in developing new products and services

Studying air quality’s impact on human health

Studying the human impact on the environment

Developing algorithms and models describing changes in the air conditions


CityAir for companies

CityAir is a convenient tool for solving specific business tasks, mitigating risks and improving performance

Establishing an industrial environmental monitoring and evaluating the impact of operations on neighbouring areas

Solving environmental management problems

Monitoring both the indoor and outdoor environment at residential facilities, with data visualization


CityAir for citizens

Open source data on air pollution allows people to make informed daily decisions and improve the quality of their family lives

Illustrative and intuitive map of the city environment

Choosing the best place to live and best walking routes

For citizens, CityAir will serve as an additional city navigator


CityAir for cities

Today, residents are extremely particular about the quality of their urban environment and appreciate openness of city authorities

CityAir will be a useful tool in monitoring and planning the urban environment

Better planning of urban development

Effective responses to hazards

Increased openness and trust in the local authorities

The CityAir system consists of

stations, mathematical models and algorithms, and easy-to-use interfaces

The CityAir system consists of stations, mathematical models and algorithms, and easy-to-use interfaces

Our stations provide highly accurate data, can operate under adverse climatic conditions, are compact in size and very attractive in price, as compared to similar devices on the market

[ Learn more about our stations ]

Atmospheric conditions are continuously mapped and forecast using mathematical models and data processing algorithms

Our services and interfaces make the obtained data easy-to-use and help users get the most of it

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