Air quality monitoring of a property for developers

In districts with good air conditions, having a reliable air monitoring system is the best way to demonstrate the purity of the air inside a building and in the surrounding area.

For districts located near to industrial or infrastructural facilities, the air pollution data may be useful for the developer to show that it cares about its clients and to emphasize the effectiveness of the air purification solutions implemented.

How it works

1 A typical solution includes CityAir stations installed both outside the building and inside the ventilation system (downstream of the Tion air cleaning devices).
2 You gain access to your own personal account on the website.
3 You can track the air quality data in real time.
4 You gain access to a full history of measurements and to analytical tools.
5 You gain an interface to inform real estate buyers and site visitors.
6 You can make the data from your station available to all map users.

We are ready to customize our solutions for your individual needs.