CityAir Monitoring Station
CityAir Station is a base to create the Monitoring Post
Benefits of CityAir Monitoring Stations
Compact size
Any vertical surface is suitable for the installation of the station: a wall of the building, a lamp post, a cellular communication tower
Work in a wide range of climatic conditions
The stations operate reliably at temperatures from -40°C to + 50°C and under any weather conditions: precipitation, fog, strong wind, etc.
Operation and transmission of measurement results in real time
Every minute, stations automatically send the results of all measurements to the server
Built-in battery
The station can operate autonomously while maintaining full functionality for at least 24 hours
CityAir Monitoring Post
The modular design allows building a monitoring post with the individual set of sensors
CityAir Hub allows to connect any required number of expansion modules, both its own and made by third-party manufacturers
CityAir Monitoring Post Measurements
Monitoring posts are designed to measure quantity of typical city air pollutants (particulate matter and gases), as well as to determine the main meteorological parameters
CityAir Station
PM2.5, PM10, TSP, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure
Module G1
CO, NO2, O3
Module G2
SO2, H2S
Module “Weather Station”
Temperature, relative humidity, pressure, air flow speed and direction
The list of measured parameters can be expanded by the modules built by third-party manufacturers.
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Quality of Measurements
CityAir stations are comparable in accuracy to the equipment of traditional monitoring posts
Modern developments in the field of sensors and non-trivial engineering solutions are used for CityAir equipment.

The results of regular parallel tests show that it provides accuracy comparable to standard equipment, which means that CityAir equipment can effectively complement existing monitoring networks.
Collocated experiment at a station of the state monitoring network
CityAir Station at the traditional monitoring post
CityAir Station
Patent applications: PCT/RU2018/050059, RU2018134839
Station configuration
Operating conditions
Data transmission
Dimensions and power specifications
Extension modules
CityAir Monitoring Station
Station configuration
Station configuration
GSM antenna
Ducts for air sampling
Mounting system
Temperature, humidity and pressure sensor (in the sunshield)
Power cable
GPS antenna
ON/OFF button
Ethernet connector
Connector for the extension modules’ cable
Service connector
Operating conditions
from -40°C to +50°C
from 0 to 100%
Environmental parameters
smog, rain, snow, frost, dust, wind, direct sunlight
Service interval
12 months
Data transmission
Data transmission channels
Data transfer to server
up to once per minute (customizable)
Non-volatile storage capacity
40000 records
remote management
via web interface
self check
Dimensions and power specifications
420×320×150 mm
10 kg
Station Protection Degree
Power network characteristics
110—230V, 50/60Hz
Resistance to voltage drops
from 80 to 400 V
Autonomous fully functional operation
at least 24 hrs

* Vandal-proof grille manufacturing is possible
Extension modules
The station can be used as a hub for extension modules: it serves as a power source and transfers data from the modules to the server.

External devices are connected via the RS-485 interface using the Modbus communication protocol.