CityAir Team

Our team includes specialists in designing air quality sensors and air purification systems, as well as experts in chemical analysis and mathematical modeling

Our aim is to develop a global air quality monitoring system system that will be able to measure and forecast the environmental conditions at any given location of the world.

We will start with air quality monitoring in cities, and air quality control solutions for corporate customers.

At the same time, we will engage inventive people in finding solutions to the environmental challenges so revealed (whether on a local or global scale).

The CityAir Team
Pavel Glotov
Project management
Anton Ryadinskiy
Project management
Dmitry Trubitsyn
Partnerships and Development
Igor Zolotukhin
CityAir Sales
Product Development
Pavel Karavayev
Product Development Control
and Requirements
Yegor Korovin
and Physicochemical Analysis
Sergey Serebryakov
Scrum Master
for the Development Team
Ignat Voroshilov
Software Engineer
Vyacheslav Kanevskiy
Front-End Web Development
Dmitriy Pecherskiy
Front-End Web Development
Vitaliy Mamatov
Back-End Web Development
Konstantin Kurilskiy
Mechanical Design
Alexey Fateyev
Communication Protocols and Software for Stations
Alexey Lukashov
Electronics Architecture
Development and Control
Philippe Sabelfeld
and Physicochemical Analysis
Anton Abornev
Electronics Engineering
Leonid Stankevich
Documentation and Certification
Denis Fomenko
Mechanical Design Engineer
Alexander Sterinovich
Hardware Testing
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